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2-phase system - kit for gel nails, 36W silver UV lamp

2-phase system - kit for gel nails, 36W silver UV lamp

Kit for nails - 2-phase gel system.

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94,50 € tax incl.

Starting kit for professional nail building with UV gel.

Set contains:

- 36W UV lamp

- 2x file 80/80, 2x file 100/180, 1x file zebra 100/180

- 3pcs set of brushes

- 6x coloured UV gel 5g: fuchsia, gold glitter, metalic silver, metal red, pastel blue, antique green

- Cellulose cotton swab 500pcs (45x45 softer)

- Nail oils 15ml: pineapple, teatree, lemon

- 1x wet glaze 15ml

- 1x ultra bond 15ml

- 1x tips Royal Overlap Natural, 100pcs box

- 1x tips Stealth French Clear, 100pcs box

- builder UV gels: 2-phase gel - 1. phase 5g, 2-phase gel - 2. phase 25g, ultra white 5g

- 1x tip cutter silver

- 1x orange wood stick

- 1x cleanser 500ml

- 1x glue with brush 7,5 g

- 12x decorative powder

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